Plastics Manufacturing Services
Genesis offers feasibility studies, product development, design & engineering, prototype support, mold making and manufacturing of plastic injection molded products. We excel in several
industries including: industrial, electronics/high tech, & medical manufacturing.
Our professional team is committed to supporting manufacturers through quality, customer responsiveness, 24/7 operation, and turnkey production at competitive pricing. Our team provides timely product development moving from concept to finished product smoothly & efficiently to meet your goals. We support design for manufacturing with focus on streamlining the process and assistance in cost management.
After Sale service

Genesis is committed to provide high quality plastic mold and injection products. Exported mold and products come with guarantee and quality assurance. Beside we also offer:
       Provide free technical services consulting and technical information.
       Provide free extra fragile part or have risk of damage part for mold.
Customer satisfaction is key to our success and through our 360 degree feedback policy we actively encourage our client in continuing to help improve our service levels.

Last, we will protect your intellectual property in China.